Please take most of my reviews with a grain of salt – many times they are more fantasy than reality. Our rendezvous will evolve out of our chemistry and will be unique to you and I.

But here’s what they’re saying:

“Her passion is unquenchable. Just a phenomenal experience.”

“River is a very sensual woman and she put me at ease very quickly. My initial nervousness was quickly brushed away by the sense of intimacy she so quickly created for me. She lured me out with some gentle contact, it almost felt like being a teenager again, stumbling along not knowing where you’re going, but sure it’s going to be good when you get there. Her ability to create intensity made it an unforgettable experience, far beyond the usual encounter. If you have not had a chance to spend time with River, I suggest you do so soon.”

“I had a wonderful time with you. I feel very happy, fulfilled (full circle/Ying&Yang), and revitalized. You are such a beautiful woman. I love your smile, flowing hair, and the feel of you (skin on skin). This may sound a little weird, I felt like I was on a higher plane of existence. You were a part of me and I was a part of you. I could feel your energy. I enjoyed holding you. Thank you for the wonderful experience.”

“WOW, is all I can say. I think our night with you was perfect. I know it probably wasn’t what you expected and to be honest, I was a lot more comfortable than I thought I would be. Thank you so much for spending that time with us and allowing me to explore you. It was truly wonderful. I think I learned a lot about myself Friday.”

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