Where’s River? Still in the woods, but Fairbanks soon!

Where’s River? Still in the woods, but Fairbanks soon!

Hey friends,

Wow, what a crazy summer, huh? I’ve mostly still been home, getting wilder and happier by the day in the woods. All my cabbage bolted but I’ve got healthy tomato and squash and pea plants, along with cilantro and catnip and other herbs. I’ve caught and smoked some salmon and caught up with some building projects around here. Along with my garden, I’ve grown out all my hair and have a full bush now that I’m thinking about keeping. Are you a fan of the all natural look?

Although I’ve worked in all different areas of the adult industry at different times, this is the longest I’ve ever gone without doing some kind of entertainment work. It’s given me time to reconsider the hows and whys that I prefer to bring to my work – and the speed at which I was living my life before. I was so rushed that it became normal for me to hurry through sessions rather than savoring them as I prefer to. Thankfully/unfortunately a pandemic came along to remind me what’s important.

Anyways. I had hoped to work a little before the second wave hit, but I definitely missed that boat. I’ll be in Fairbanks in about a week to finish an important project, and if you make me the right offer I’d love to see you while I’m there! I probably won’t see more than one or two people (or maybe none?) because I don’t want to be spreading the virus between people, and I have elders in my life who’s health is my priority.

Want to support me in a socially distant way? I have two options:

  • I have 8 artful pictures of me nude in the snow and trees that came out really well. I’m using a pay what you want model, so if you want, reply (to writetoriver@protonmail.ch) and tell me how much you want to pay, I’ll tell you the payment options, you’ll pay, and I’ll email you some pictures.
  • Buy me stuff! Be sure to put your name in the note field so I can thank you. If you sent me a gift and I haven’t thanked you, I’m so sorry, but your name probably didn’t come through. Here’s my pandemic wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1238HP65W9IDH?ref_=wl_share

Thanks so much to the few of you who’ve been sending gifts, and the one of you who’s been sending cash. I couldn’t have made it this far without you.



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