“Erotic means ‘in relation.’ Erotic is what those deep relations are and can be that engage the whole body – our heart, our mind, our spirit, our flesh. It is that moment of being exquisitely present.” – Terry Tempest Williams 

What is it okay to talk about when I email you?

It is illegal to exchange sexual acts for money and I will not respond to any solicitations for prostitution.  I would like just as much as you would to explore our compatibility before meeting.  Please feel free to bring up what might be mutual interests, whether they relate to our favorite wines, hiking trails, or playtime preferences.

How can I have a great appointment with you?

Be freshly showered (you’re welcome to use mine, and I always have fresh towels and toiletries) with minty fresh breath.  Place the donation in plain sight right away and then be a gentleman and excuse yourself to the restroom while I take care of it.  Plan on safety equipment and absolute physical and emotional safety for both of us.

How should I first contact you?

Fill out the form! Seriously, it took me hours to get this thing working.

Why didn’t you answer my email?

Possibly I’m just not in town and don’t have enough electricity to check and respond to emails.   In the winter, I don’t get enough electricity to check emails every day.  Alternately, we are obviously not compatible.  If your email said “u avail now?” I probably deleted it.

Do you do duos?

I would love to see you with another lady of your choosing. I am unable to make bookings for other ladies, so you will have to email both of us to set it up.

Why do you do this?

I’m passionate about real human connection in a world where most interactions are glossed over or fake.

What are your measurements?


Do you have any piercings or tattoos?

I have one tiny tattoo.

What kind of gifts do you like?

Tips and gifts are never ever required, but since it is a frequently asked question:

  • I would love to read your favorite book and absolutely treasure personal gifts from crafts to game meat.
  • Gift cards to Amazon or Starbucks.
  • My taste runs towards well made wool or silk clothing rather than the style of the day.
  • You can find my Amazon wishlist here.

Will you travel to me?

If I’m not already planning to be in your area I can make a special trip just for you if you make it worth my while. Honestly, that amount is dependent on what else I have going on and how far away you are.

Will you travel with me?

Sure! Assuming we’ve already met and enjoy each other’s company, I’d love to. Take me to a Tantra retreat!

Will you take me to The Wilderness or show me around Alaska?

Possibly! Email me and let’s talk about it.

When will you be here?

Check out my schedule page and subscribe over on the left to get email updates.

I am disabled, trans, or nervous, do you see people like me?

Yes, I do, as long as you are 35 or older.

Are you racist?

No, I’m not – I am ageist though, you must be 35 or older.

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