I only accept cash placed in plain sight at the beginning of our session.  For longer sessions or travel, a deposit may be required.


1 hour: $450
2 hours: $500
Additional hours: $200

Overnight, including sleep: $1600

Overnight, no sleep: $2000 

1 day: $2200
2 days: $4000
3 days: $5000
7 days: $10000


When you schedule an appointment with me I set aside time to prepare and enjoy our appointment.  That is time that I reserve just for you and exclude other people from scheduling.  When you cancel, it affects my livelihood, particularly if I have traveled or gotten a hotel room for you.  I understand that sometimes there are unpreventable emergencies that interfere with our plans, and I try to be flexible – but this is my livelihood. If you cancel within 24 hours of our appointment please send an Amazon gift card, cash.me, or Venmo for half of your appointment fee. Within 12 hours, please send the full fee.  You will not get a second appointment with me unless you  compensate me for the cancellation.

Take note:

These rates are for my time and devoted attention only.  Payment for anything other than time is not implied or inferred.  What we do with our time will be mutually negotiated by both of us as we explore our connection.

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