About Me

About Me

“Her ability to create intensity made it an unforgettable experience, far beyond the usual encounter.” – James

I am attractive inside and out, creative, affectionate, and insightful. Physically, I am tall and strong with a soft, curvy woman’s body.  I’m almost six feet tall with pale northern skin, chestnut to auburn hair, and deepest dark brown eyes.  My measurements are 44 – 32 – 44, and everything about me is natural.

I think of myself as a connoisseur of people and places.  I’ve enjoyed golfing in Arizona, kayaking to waterfalls in Hawaii, floating the canals of Amsterdam, hiking in Nepal, riding horses with zebras in Kenya, and of course hunting and fishing in Alaska.  I enjoy the extreme contrasts of my rough wilderness lifestyle and luxurious pampering in the city.  My friends are poets, engineers, farmers, lawyers, dog mushers, carpenters, explorers, educators, entrepreneurs, and beautiful souls from all walks of life.  I’m highly educated, and I’ve worked in various helping professions.

Reviewers say that I put them at ease instantly. They appreciate my warm, caring nature, intelligent conversation, well trained intuition, and considerable skills.

I enjoy sharing sensual realness with respectful gentlemen, and I see no reason that should be staged in this venue.  Real pleasure is derived from both giving and receiving, and I partake in both with genuineness, passion, and creativity.  Expect to practice physical and emotional safety for both of us.

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