Where’s River? Fairbanks forever.

Where’s River? Fairbanks forever.

Well, friends, I had plans for this summer but life had other plans and I seem to be in Fairbanks for the foreseeable future. It’s shaping up to be a nice lazy summer of construction projects and helping out a loved one during a health crisis. Are you my pleasurable diversion?

With that said: OMG no I am not “avail now.” When you text me “avail now?” I am: on my stomach in the dirt digging a hole, hiking with teenagers, taking a friend to a doctors appointment, sitting around a campfire covered in dirt and smoke, etc.

I am available for: outcall with trusted regulars or to hotels for well screened new friends who schedule at least a half day ahead, incalls of 2+ hrs for friends who schedule at least a half day ahead, and one hour incalls on my regular 1 night a week incall (generally Thursday or Friday, but not this week). Text me! Or email me! Let’s make some sweet summer memories.


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