Where’s River? February/March edition

Where’s River? February/March edition

Hey you,

I’m going to be in Williston, Minot, and Fargo February 27th through March 7th.  I’m thinking:

2/27 – 3/2 Williston

3/2-4 Fargo

3/4-5 Minot

3/5-7 Williston

but let me know if you have specific date/location requests for longer dates.

I might be in Minneapolis the night of the 7th.

I’ll be in:

Anchorage March 8-11th,

Kenai March 11-12th

And then I’m going home for a break! In January and February I was home for a whole month and it was glorious! I feel completely refreshed and I’m going to make staying home more for longer a major priority in 2019.

Do you have privacy concerns? Email me at writetoriver@protonmail.ch, it’s overseas and encrypted.

Please understand that I always screen. Depending on how you contact me, it may be completely behind the scenes and you won’t have to do anything, or I may ask you for additional information or a reference. If you won’t provide either a reference or the additional info requested, we will not meet.

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